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Aside from getting out in nature, a great way to connect with your surroundings is by giving back. This can come in the form of volunteerism, environmental stewardship, and simply being a good friend. Giving back doesn't need to be intimidating or overwhelming. There are so many opportunities to support our community, our environment and ourselves - we just need to know where to find them! Wondering how you can be a good friend to all? There are many ways!


Be a good friend to your community

  • Volunteer! So many local organizations have opportunities for people to help out

Be a good friend to the environment

  • Clean up trash you see on a trail or in a park

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - we can all do our part

  • Leave no trace - minimize the impact you have on the environment when you're out and about

Be a good friend to others and yourself

  • Call and check in on someone or deliver a meal to a sick friend

  • Say hello to a stranger

  • Be a good listener

  • Take quiet time for yourself

  • Engage in activities at least once per week that feed your soul

Giving back is the greatest "we gift". Not only do those on the receiving end benefit from what you have to offer, but you'll benefit as well! Research demonstrates the net positive effects of doing good, so get out in the community, get out in nature, and share the light within you!

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