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So many things to do outside in the Brainerd Lakes Area! Check out our list and map to get you there.


Mata's Top 5 (Free) Spots

  1. Fritz Loven Park

  2. Gull Lake Dam Recreation Area

  3. Paul M. Thiede Fire Tower

  4. Gregory Park

  5. Nordic Ridge Trails

How To Go On a Mindful Stroll
  • Find a time and place that you can go for a short walk undisturbed and unhurried.

  • Set your intention before you begin while taking a few deep breaths. This is not a usual walk, but a mindful walk.

  • Walk your route at a slow, easy pace. When you begin walking, bring your awareness to all the sensations you can notice. Is the air warm or cold? Is there a breeze or is it still? What sounds do you hear around you? What are the colors and textures that you see? How do things move and flow around you? Allow yourself to fall into a state of curious wonder about your environment and all that makes it up.

  • Whenever you get distracted by other thoughts, simply return to one of your senses and observe whatever you can about the present moment.

Man Walking in Fields
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